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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to package an SBA Loan?

Loan packaging can be complicated and is a time-consuming process. The applications are comprehensive. The loan package consists of numerous SBA forms that may require as many as 20 attachments and the package itself can consist of as many as 400 pages.

Can't I just go directly to the lender to get my loan package?

You are not required to use a loan packager like AMAGF to get an SBA loan. Some banks will work with you on putting together the paperwork SBA requires for a loan. In those cases, the lender will charge you a packaging fee. However, usually small business loans are just one small part of the bank’s services, and their representatives may have limited knowledge of complex SBA guidelines. Why run the risk of your loan being denied when you can work with experts?

Can I prepare my loan package myself?

You do have the option of preparing your own application package. However, unless you are already an SBA loan expert, it will take weeks of your time to study SBA guidelines and ensure you include all of the forms and attachments required in an SBA loan package. This may be time better spent running your business. Most applications that lenders deny are due to missing necessary information for an SBA loan guarantee or relevant documents for the lender to properly underwrite the loan. If you would like to learn more about the process of loan packaging, we offer an educational online training program.

Why should I use AMAGF?

We specialize in professional loan application preparation, and will ensure that it includes the required SBA forms and will be in compliance with all current SBA guidelines. This helps you to avoid pitfalls, and saves you both time and money while significantly improving your chances of lender approval.

What will it cost?

Once your eligibility is determined, AMAGF will assess the complexity of your particular business project and prepare an SBA retainer fee agreement. These fees are regulated by the SBA and are disclosed on SBA Form 159.

Please download our SBA Services document for more detailed information.

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